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Originally from Pennsylvania moving every three years & was provided a supportive environment to live life from her heart, competitive athlete, dancer, 4 siblings. 

Countries Explored: 

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Greece, Indonesia, Serbia , India, Hungary, Thailand & throughout the United States. 

Life’s Primary Focus:

Spiritual sojourn, martial art & yoga practice, the pursuit of knowledge, truth & divine love, sharing in order to fill lives with wisdom & joy. 

Greatest Challenges: 

Debilitating disease (under went 10 operations), brutally traumatic life occurrences, lose of her mother. 

Rare Experiences:

Living like a kung fu monk for over a decade, First American Ving Tsun Sifu (teacher). 

Most Influential Teachers:

Babaji, Ving Tsun Grandmaster Moyyat, Ving Tsun Master Leo Imamura, Ving Tsun Master Pete Pajil, Zhander Remete, Duncan Wong, Dharma Mittra, Teachers at Kula Yoga (NYC), a homeless person in Virginia who shared with me that all the nutrition we need is in a blade of grass, my students. 

Related Areas of Study: 

Chinese massage, Reiki, Bharatnatyam (traditional Indian dance), Ayurveda & Chi Gong. 


Loves teaching, global travel, zen lifestyle, vegetarian cuisine, being a rogue like adventurer, working out at the gym, spending time with those she loves, chocolate, the ocean, being in nature, tribal music, fashion, the far east, African culture, BEING FEMININE. Inspired by: her mother, spiritual guru, her closest friends, all her teachers past & present, her students ... children from 3rd world countries. 


Nirvana, continue global traveling, services, spend time with her guru annually, live with love, truth & compassion, release all judgment, prosperity, making a difference, being me. 


Pioneer spirit, adventurer, goddess-warrior, intense, relaxed, observer, desire to share, committed, inquisitive, curious, forthcoming/direct, feminine, samurai spirit, best with human frailities.